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What is MechCAD Wiki?

A wiki is a server program that allows users to collaborate in forming the content of a Web site. With a wiki, any user can edit the site content, including other users' contributions, using a regular Web browser. Basically, a wiki Web site operates on a principle of collaborative trust. The term comes from the word "wikiwiki," which means "fast" in the Hawaiian language.

We created this Wiki server to provide better support for our software products. We are contributing as much as we can to the content of this site, but the beauty of Wiki is in allowing you to add or change anything here. You are invited to edit any page or to create new pages within the wiki Web site, using only a plain-vanilla Web browser without any extra add-ons.

AceMoney and AceMoney Lite

AceMoney is the personal financial manager. AceMoney allows you to track your cash flow in multiple accounts, keep an eye on spending money by categories and payees, and satisfy a lot of questions such as, "how much did I pay for the food last month?" with one click of a button.

More about AceMoney and AceMoney Lite...

AceMoney screenshot


AceStock is a personal stocks monitor. You can't afford not to have this tool if you own any stock, participate in a Stock Options plan or want to know what's happening on the market with your 401k today. AceStock brings real-time stock quotes right to your desktop. This is it, nothing else, but isn't that all you want to know about your invesments?

More about AceStock...

AceStock screenshot


Pole is a great helper for any student who is learning Structural Analysis. The program can analyze statically determined and undetermined plain rod structures for different types of loading: force, temperature and kinematical loads. It allows you to create a structure with several clicks of a mouse and then generate different reports and diagrams. Pole is an excellent tool for learning Structural Mechanics. For many years it has been used by dozens of universities in Russia and the former USSR.

More about Pole...

Pole screenshot
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