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Accounts page shows a list of the accounts as hyperlinks organized by account groups. You can modify these groups using Accounts->Groups menu in Account Groups dialog. This page allows to change existing accounts, add new accounts and delete accounts which are not needed anymore.


View account transactions

Click with left mouse button on the account name to see a list of transactions on the account also known as Account Registry or Account page.

Create new account

Click at the New Account button in the left section of the form to create a new account. AceMoney will display Account properties dialog.

Delete account

Click at the account name with right mouse button and select Delete from the popup menu.

Show/Hide account numbers

Right click and select Show Account Numbers from the popup menu. Do it again to turn the numbers off.

Show/Hide closed accounts

Right click and select Show Closed Accounts from the popup menu. Do it again to hide closed accounts. Closed accounts appear in the list in light gray color.

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